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The management of the urban and rural water cycles has been a major activity for more than a decades at Al Saqf . Services for the design and construction supervision of water, sewer and stormwater networks range from small to major projects.
The scope of services covered at Al Saqf under Water & Environmental Engineering along with our specialized sub consultants cover:

Water resources management:

Geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, groundwater assessment, water balance, and water resources management.

Urban Hydraulics:

Water supply and wastewater master planning, water treatment, water transmission, water distribution, fire fighting, water loss reduction, sewage collection, sewage treatment, treated sewer effluentreuse

Surface Water & FloodMitigation:

Hydrology, design of stormwater networks and flood mitigation structures.

Hydraulics and Irrigation:

Water resources assessment, feasibility studies, socio-economic studies, design of irrigation networks.

Solid Waste Management:

Demographic and geographic studies, Assessment of existing solid waste management systems, Master Plans, Prepare sustainable solid waste management solutions, Design of solid waste landfill units.

Environmental Impact Assessment:

Determine, analyze, and interpret significant potential environmental impacts of a proposed development, Prepare mitigation measure plans, environmental management plans and monitoringplans.